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Does VGMC Scam?REFFER ID: 155520351622


Does VGMC Scam?

At the very beginning,  i was introduce by my friend about VGMC. The first thought comes into my mind is, This is another internet scam scheme just like other scam that I've involved before (swisscash, ab fund, ebarrel, worldfund.. u name it). I let my friend to carry on this project for few months, at the same time i try to make some research about this company. from my finding i found that its a little bit different from any scam scheme.

1) VGMC company has been registered in 1999 in Panama, you can actually find vgmc in panama company listing.
2) www.vgmc.com has been registered since 2001 and expired in 2019.
3) VGMC office actually exist in Torre Global Bank Tower in panama, and you can directly go there.
4) VGMC provide phone number (unlike any other scam website). You can ask any information about VGMC through phone and fax.
5) VGMC board of director has its own representative that always come to see its investor. 
6) my finding in alexa.com found that there are more that 20 countries that access VGMC website. it is indeed a global project.

Investing in outside country always has its own risk, doesn't matter what kind of portfolio that you invest, all investor facing higher risk than invest in local company. Some country (I don't want to mention) does not encourage investor to invest in foreign country and they even put it in the "Hot List" to alert investor in their country. But it doesn't meant its not legal, VGMC is a legal company in panama. 

Most of people thought that when they invest in VGMC, they actually invest in GOLD. that is totally wrong. All the money that we invest in VGMC goes to gold mining operation. company need fund to operate its gold mine. the cost to produce 1oz of gold from gold mine is around 300-400 USD. company is making profit when selling it's gold at the market price (USD 1700 NOW!!). therefore, VGMC manage to pay their investor using it's profit.

VGMC now has spread their wing especially in Asia Region by establishing it investor relation office in Commercial Business District (CBD) office building in Dubai, along the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. This is a new edge of company's reputation to get closer to their investor


Webmaster berkata...

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Webmaster berkata...

My email is handsomeboy80@yahoo.com

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