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Scam Alert

Virgin Gold Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that many companies and websites have emerged in the past months and years that resemble Virgin Gold Mining Corporation.

Based on our regional marketing and legal consultants’ report, we have come to the conclusion that many companies and individuals post great threats specifically to the good image and business reputation of Virgin Gold and global investment sentiment as a whole.

Many of these companies, websites and individuals have copied VGMC website to scam and cheat investors worldwide, especially in Asia. Some of these companies and sites had claimed many victims since 2010. These companies claimed to be in operation for many years, while the facts and figures clearly show that they have no business operations at all. They merely copy VGMC website almost completely and just change the name of the company.

Repeated action by our legal department to contact the administrators of these companies to serve legal proceedings against the operators of such sites and companies had failed, simply because they do not exist.

The offices' addresses and phone numbers are all virtual/corporate service phones, faxes and offices. None of the real administrators can be contacted up to the date.

Virgin Gold has started issuing security and scam alerts since August 2010 and yet many investors are either ignorant or engorged by greed that they still invest in these bogus companies. VGMC board of directors felt extreme regret and decided that setting up a "Scam Alert" section in our website has become a priority to further educate and protect the innocents.

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation lists these companies’ and individuals’ websites in our "Scam Alert" section for the benefit of our shareholders and partners. Many of Virgin Gold actual and potential shareholders have been constantly writing to us to let us know about their horrible experiences of investing with such scam sites. We hope this "Scam Alert" section will be beneficial to all parties.

We also urged shareholders NOT to:

Invest with these companies.
Refer people to invest into these companies.
Try to use their Virgin Gold shareholder/user IDs and passwords to log in into such sites at any time.
Use their personal computer to visit these websites, as they many contain viruses and Trojans that may be harmful to their hardware and hack their VGMC account information.

For more information or any inquiries about this section, please email us at s.alert@vgmc.com. We appreciate any updates and any new information that any party can provide us so that less people may fall victim to these irresponsible people.
Mr. "Hendry Thomas"


This website was created on 1st May 2010 by copying VGMC website content and structure. The objective of this website is to cheat investors into believing that vgmc2u.com is part of VGMC business operation and also to phish VGMC shareholders' details.

Virgin Gold has issued a SCAM alert security warning to all shareholders on the 14th of August 2010 after receiving many enquiries and complains from our partners and shareholders in Asia. The warning was probably too mild and did not actually accuse the site as a SCAM.

Regrettably, we were informed by many who had invested into www.vgmc2u.com that the operator of the site had stopped paying any dividend to their investors since October 2010. 

As of May 2011, www.vgmc2u.com had been taken down by the operator and the business is no longer in operation causing many of the investors who had invested and ignore our earlier warning to lose money. The operator of this website simply cannot be found. 

This incident trigger the management of VGMC to come up with this new section in our website called "Scam Alert" in June 2011.


This is a site in Indonesian language that fully copy vgmc.com to cheat Investors in Indonesia. The operator of this site probably pretends to be "VGMC Indonesia" and had cheated many local investors. The operator of this site seems to portray the impression that it is promoting and referring potential investors to Virgin Gold but its true modus operandi remains suspicious.

This tragedy led to Virgin Gold Mining Corporation issuing a SCAM Alert warning towards three website, namely www.vgmc2u.com, www.tambangmas.com and www.virgingoldint.com on 13th April 2011.


It is very clear that the operators of this website name the company Virgin Gold International Limited after Virgin Gold Mining Corporation and basically copy the whole web content and structure of VGMC.com.

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation issued a Scam Alert warning towards www.virgingoldint.com together with two other websites, namely www.vgmc2u.com, www.tambangmas.com on 13th April 2011.

The operator of both www.tambangmas.com and www.virgingoldint.com is rumored to be a Malaysian born Indian who had cheated hundreds of millions of dollars from the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia for the past five years.


The images and information on dualventure.com are mostly copied from VGMC with minor adjustment. The operator of dualventure.com must have come across VGMC's website and copied bits and pieces from it and then input them into their own websites to confuse visitors to their websites into thinking that they might be somehow related to Virgin Gold. Clearly the operator is trying to mislead and cheat investors into believing that it is operating a legitimate and big operation that is similar to or in collaboration with VGMC.

This website was only created on 28th of February 2011 but claimed that their business operation started in 1999(a direct copy from VGMC web profile).

Even on this fake Company Registration details, the company was only created on 20th February 2010 and not in 1999 as claimed.

Base on all the facts that have been gathered, it is clear that Dualventure.comis another copycat of VGMC that is trying to cheat and scam global investors.

On the 20th of April 2011, Virgin Gold Mining Corporation issued a Scam Alert on www.dualventure.com to remind global investors about this scam. Quite fortunately, after our early scam alert warning, we have not received much news about dualventure.com up to date.

This incident with www.dualventure.com lead the management of Virgin Gold to believe that any early warning Scam Alert could proof to be very helping in educating members of the public and shareholders of Virgin Gold to be cheated by irresponsible crooks.

Mr. Hendry Thomas as he or she claimed himself or herself to be had been phishing many VGMC shareholders details since the beginning of 2011.

This person apparently has bank account(s) in Indonesia and asked shareholders who needed credits to purchase credits from him or her. He or she has a way to steal credits from some shareholders that he kept very close tab with. Though the total reported cases for the whole year had not been more than 20, the management is taking this matter very seriously.

Therefore, we asked all shareholder and potential shareholders not to ever transfer any money to any bank account with the name "Hendry Thomas" to purchase any credits.

Investigation is still ever on-going to trace this culprit. One thing for sure is this person knows his or her victim profile very well, meaning to say he or she is either:
Someone you know personally, or
Someone in your social networking site who is phishing all your personal information from people around you, or
Operator of some scamming sites we named here on "Scam Alert" who had planted some Trojans into your personal computer to obtain your VGMC login details when you visited the site.
In most circumstances, we always advise shareholders who had the security of their account tolerated to re-format/install their personal computer or notebook immediately.


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