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Stock Purchase CPS requirements ( VGMC )

Stock Purchase CPS requirements
Here I will explain the general terms and conditions must be met to receive a share of CPS (Convertible Preferred Stocks) which is interesting from the Virgin Gold Minning Corporation (VGMC) as follows:

General requirements
- Have a local bank account (Mandiri and BNI) not otherwise allowed.
- Have an official identity card (ID card / Passport)
- E-mail Address
In addition to the book and ID card first bank to be in the scanner / in pictures (in JPG format max. File 1 mb) as a further attachment to the uppload the account ID.

To buy shares we should have CPS dollars, because the transactions that occurred in VGMC is using the value / denomination of dollars in USD. We can buy shares at least 2000 CPS bay (2 lots) and max 100 000 lbr (100 lots), the terms of a minimum of 2 lots are suitable for final information Date 5-Dec-2011 from the press release VGMC here.

There are two ways to buy dollars as a condition of purchase transactions of shares of CPS:
- Perform Shareholder inter active buying of dollars (depending on the relative value per dollar deal and value market)
- Perform Top Up Credit purchases, buying dollars in the amount that has been assigned to the local bank in the official show VGMC.
Dollar purchase transactions between Shareholder and how credit Top Up can be done if we are already registered and you have an account / ID in VGMC.

For example, if we will buy shares worth 5000 bay / 5 lots (5000 x U $ 1.30), then we must have a dollar of U $ S6500 to transact.
Stock price per sheet for the January 2012 sold U $ S1.30 and will continue to increase U $ S0.05 per month until May 2012.

How to Top Up Credit explanation and Shareholder Transactions between will be further discussed in detail.


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